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Three Trending Designs of Phone covers in India



Every smartphone user is aware that a smartphone cover is a necessary accessory.  Besides being just a mobile accessory, it also accentuates your style. You can choose a funky phone cover which speaks your attitude instead of a boring solid-colored case. So, here are the 3 latest designs of phone covers that is sure to add to your style.

  • Get your favorite Superhero

Superhero Phone Covers

Superman, Spider Man and Harry Potter are few of the most loved superheroes. Most of us are diehard fans of at least one of these characters or all and it would be really cool if you carried around your favorite superhero in your pocket. Confused?? Well, you can buy customized phone covers that feature the cartoon of your favorite superhero on it. One can choose from the several options available on online websites.

  • Explore your funny Side

Funny Mobile Covers
Many of us are known to possess a funny bone. A line from you and your friends are floored laughing. Won’t it be interesting to reflect that aspect of your personality on your phone cover as well?  One can find numerous phone covers with hilarious one-liners or graphics.

  • Music is your soul

Music Phone Cover
Music is the soul to many. And you can put your favorite singer on your phone cover to reflect that you are a music lover. One can find phone covers with caricatures of famous singers like Rihanna, Kanye West and others.

So if you wish to get such type of phone covers you should definitely visit Uptown18 which is a customized online store. This online website is flooded with phone covers in various designs suitable for models of iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc. They also encourage you to be creative by letting you customize your phone cases.

They stock phone covers for all the latest models and hence getting personalized iPhone 6s Plus Cases in India is very easy. Besides phone covers, Uptown18 is great for shopping customized products such as bags, t-shirts for men and women and more.

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