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The Friendly Doormats are here!!


Quirky, witty and the unconventional doormats have their own place and they are great fun. You have to confess, though, that it somewhere feels good when you walk up to a doorstep, be it someone else’s or your own and the idiosyncratic doormat sends out a jovial welcome to you. A cheerful doormat is a great way to make guests feel special and valued and it welcome the guests even before you open the door. We’ve cherry-picked some of the quirkiest, not-so-ordinary and eccentric doormats to bring a smile on your guest’s faces as soon as they enter your home.

The place you live in does not matter much, be it an apartment, a villa or a farm house, if it welcomes you with great hospitality at the end of the day, it is home. And as we are very well aware of the proverb- home is where the heart and the doormat is! (Yes, we’ve modified it a bit). Create a good first impression on your guests with an appealing doormat for your home. You can beautify your doorway with gorgeous, colourful mats as our new range offers a whole troupe of solid-hued, witty, quirky, printed or some unconventional patterns you can choose from.


From sassy ones that will get your guests or visitors giggling to the modest but a little bit peppy ones to set a tone for those who live inside, you can choose from our handpicked, not-so-ordinary doormats.

Catering to your home décor needs, Uptown18 has brought you some of the super-fun, trendy and up-to-date stuff to grace up your home with those oh-so-pretty knick-knacks. These heartwarming and welcome doormats are the perfect way to treat your guests with great hospitality and to make them feel welcoming. Made with fur polyester to give your feet a soft and soothing touch without that harsh and rude touch offered by other doormats, we set apart ourselves by presenting premium quality products to make our customers happy. This vinyl-backed entry way doormat is perfect to brush off dirt, slush and mud off your shoes. It absorbs moisture and resists mold and mildew, making it all the more hygienic. The size of a doormat is 31″x21″ to share a perfect space in front of your door.

Check out some more edgy and kitschy designs and a wide, exclusive range of doormats only at Uptown18. There have to be something there that will catch your fancy on our web store and we won’t let you leave empty-handed, indeed! To buy doormats online, head to our web store,

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