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Stunning Makeover for your iPhone 6!!


Thinking to switch your iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 but found yourself with short of funds after the whole grand Diwali Shopping. Hey wait! Don’t be disappointed as we are here to bring a wide smile on your face with our beautiful quirky collection of phone covers which are a perfect pick for keeping your iPhone 6 snug and safe all the time. Beautify your iPhone 6 with our oh-so-pretty iPhone 6 covers and forget switching to iPhone 7 by flattering the new look of your iPhone 6. And we know for this, you definitely have enough funds. Okay, ignore that PJ and let’s come to the point, we really do have a lot of designer cases for your apple candy. With a wide troupe of designs from the famous designers from across the globe, we guarantee that we won’t let you leave empty-handed!

For the obsession of prints and vibrant colours this season, we bring an awesome collection of bloomy, printed and vibrant phone covers to titivate your favourite gadget. Where did you bag it from is what others will ask as you pass by. Carry your favourite seasonal floral prints or patterns in your hand with those blooming printed covers for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. These fresh and captivating prints will make you happy by providing a new glamorous look with an added advantage of shielding your phone from every possible scratch.

If you like those witty and youthful one-liners a.k.a. monologue jokes, then we have a superb collection of such amusing phone covers. This surely proves to be a head-turner, so if you want to stand out in the crowd and set apart yourself from that ordinary herd, then this would solve your purpose

Uptown18 also gives you an option of customizing designs and creating exclusive products as per your needs and requirements. It can be made-to-measure and tailored to your desired pattern and design. The customized iPhone 6 cases are the best chosen option for gifting purposes or if you are self-obsessed then it can be a perfect match to your requirements. We also like to pamper our customers with the best of products without compromising on the quality and maintaining a flawless experience with all our customers.

So, stop ogling, visit our web store, show us some love and indulge in the cheerful experience by browsing away our web store, You’ll be delighted to see our wide range of premium phone covers; they are exactly what you need to cover up your phone gorgeously.

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