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Just so many covers for your iPhone7!


The recent obsession of everyone out there is the newly launched iPhone 7. The apple of everyone’s eye these days is surely a product of Apple and has become the show stealer everywhere. With little changes, it has somewhere lost the craze of people towards it but yet it is the first iPhone which is dirt resistant and water resistant. Though they have themselves claimed that the new jet black colour tends to scratch easily, still it is in high demand by people. To protect your new iPhone7, we have curated a whole new troupe of designs to perfectly fit your iPhone 7 and provide it with ultimate protection.

For the love of colours, for the love of design and for the love of your precious newbie iPhone 7, we’ve got these pretty little things to keep your phones look stylish and safe. All you got to do is just head over to our web store, and pick the best one for your dearest iPhone 7. Here’s why we know you’d love our range of phone covers for iPhone 7:

Supreme quality with a stylish edge

Made with flexible hard plastic, it is easy to slip your phone on and off the cover, with an additional advantage of being impact resistant. So, it offers complete protection to your phone with a perfect fit. We have something for everyone, there’s not one piece of artwork that hasn’t connected with you at some point. The good thing is that we have phone covers of your favourite pop star or artist as well. Hence, we keep up with the changing trends and superior quality at the same time.

Patterned affaire

Presenting a collection full of colours and gorgeous designs, our patterns are for the art-lovers out there. We have a pretty varied collection of gadget covers, from the blooming floral and quirky prints to those witty slogans and youth-oriented, catchy designs. These printed iPhone 7 covers will make your day easy breezy. Durable, flexible and fashionable enough to show-off, the material we use is carved to last ages and provide maximum protection.

Rejoice Soccer fans

For the love of football, for the love of vibrant colours and for the love of seamless finishing, we’ve got these knick-knacks to keep your iPhone 7 look even more appealing, stylish and safe. This collection consists of all your favourite players’ label including The Great Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, James and so many more.

We have got bazillion designs at our web store,, all you got to do is just head on to our web store for a better experience and you won’t want to leave with one phone cover as we have got so many of it to treat your apple candy with such pretty knick-knacks.

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