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Grace up the new iPhone 7 gorgeously!


There is something about the great iPhones which drives us all crazy about having to own it. Be its awesome features or its sophisticated look, everyone out there wishes to put their hands on this treasure. Well, we totally feel you on that! A newbie in the market, the great iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has made all of us crazy enough to pick it up as soon as possible. The best feeling hits you when you buy a new version of iPhone and make it completely yours. As a matter of fact, we are pretty much sure you wouldn’t want to see even a single scratch or any kind of damage over it. Hence, we bring to you some super-fun and uber cool iPhone 7 covers at Uptown18 to provide your closest obsession with ultimate protection and care.

If you like things above the mundane, then we are a perfect destination for your desires. We ain’t got no boring stuff, rather we add some quirk to the ordinary things so that it becomes striking enough to catch your eye. To add some spunk in your ordinary routine, we present some witty, vibrant and printed iPhone7/7 Plus covers. We house a lot of distinct, colourful and bouncing phone covers from the top-notch designers from around the world. You will definitely be able to find the best pick for yourself from our latest collection. Let your inner quirkiness display by the phone cover you use to shield your phone.

For the love of minimalistic, modish and elegant phone covers for your iPhone 7, we have a whole new range of solid coloured iPhone cases which are set to add a splash of bright yet suave colours to your glowing iPhone 7. Complete with our gorgeous designs, these covers will make your phone the most elegant in town! Whether you like upbeat colours, or whether you are fond of the monologue jokes, we have a cover that’ll fit your phone snugly as well as it will fit your personality.

Engraved with flexible hard plastic to fit your phone seamlessly, our phone covers are quite robust with an additional advantage of being impact resistant. Be a trend-setter by flaunting the most stylish and upmarket phone covers and believe us, you won’t stop answering that ‘where you bagged it from’ question. Revamp your phone with our vibrant phone covers and slay with that dazzling look.

Though you will love our edgy, kitschy and cheerful troupe of phone covers but if you have a particular design in your mind that you would like to see on your iPhone 7 cover, then we provide customized phone covers as well. Everything can be made-to-measure and tailored to your requirement and we guarantee to deliver the best version of your design, not conceding on the quality and simultaneously keeping a seamless experience with all our customers.

We’ve got a bazillion designs for a stylish makeover of your iPhone 7 at Uptown18. So, make your way to our web store, and divulge in the playful and chirpy experience by picking our oh-so-pretty stuff. Happy covering!!

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