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Gotcha show you those gorgeous iPhone 6 covers!!


Considering the amount of time we spend on our smartphones, it just becomes necessary to cover them up in something we love. With the mix of styles and range of designs available these days, you have got a lot of options to choose from. However, we set apart ourselves by providing the premium quality products and customer service.

Beautify your iPhone 6 with all that glam once again by picking the best of phone covers for your apple candy from a very bold and iconic collection by Uptown18. We excel in providing premium quality designer phone covers for your dear iPhone. Look no further as we got your back covered! We make sure that you stay stylish and ahead of fashion always, hence we bring to you the latest and exclusive collection of phone covers for iPhone 6. Here’s why you should shop from our web store:

Printed power

The first thing you observe on the website is the splash of colours, both bright and earthy shades. They blend with each other to give you products that you’d love to carry wherever you go. We have got a lot of pleasing prints to grace your iPhone even more. Printed iPhone 6 covers are up for this season and they are setting the fieriest trend in the streets.

Solid and voguish

Our phone covers are made up of flexible hard plastic, which makes it easy to put on and take off with an added advantage of being impact resistant. So, it provides ultimate protection to your phone with a proper fit and makes it easy for you to take off and put on the phone cover whenever required. We have something for everyone, there’s not one piece of artwork that hasn’t connected with you at some point. The good thing is that we have phone covers of your favourite pop star or actor as well. Hence, we keep up with the changing trends and premium quality at the same time.

Cool Customization

Uptown18 lets you choose one of their edgy, kitschy and classy designs, or alternatively even upload your own (it could even be a photo of you), choose the colour and order away. Customized iPhone covers are this season’s favourite and sometimes they come out pretty well. Whichever design you choose, we can put it on your phone cover and tailor it accordingly.

We’ve got a bazillion designs to revamp your iPhone 6. So, head over to our web store, and divulge in the playful and chirpy experience offered by us.

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