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Those of you who own an iPhone 6s must not be willing to switch to iPhone 7 perhaps, with it being least modified but you definitely would want to save your greatest possession amongst gadgets from each and every kind of damage or harm. iPhones truly are ‘Our Precious’! But seeing that ugly l’ll scratch over your phone is way too annoying. So, for the love of your exquisite iPhone 6s, for the love of design and for the love of colours, we’ve got these pretty little things to keep your phones look stylish and safe.

To keep your phone stylish and safe, we have curated some very bright, colourful, artistic and chirpy phone covers for iPhone 6s to beautify it all over. Uptown18 has a whole lot of stuff to grace up your phone with the latest collection of iPhone 6s phone covers to protect your phone from every kind of damage. Just visit our web store, show us some love and indulge in the cheerful experience by browsing away our web store, Here‘s why you should love our stuff:

For some of us, we love the printed designs on our clothes and home furnishings. Now you can carry your favourite seasonal prints or floral prints in your hand with those blooming printed covers for your iPhone 6s exclusively from our store. Bright colours or bold prints, take your pick from our designer phone covers. If zany prints are more your thing, there’s lots of that too.

For those of you who love striking one-liners, a.k.a. monologue jokes, we house a lot of phone covers with interesting one-liners that will make your day a little bit more cheerful and believe us, you’d be tired of answering that ‘where you bagged it from’ question.

From superheroes to trending memes to patterns, we love all of it. There is an entire collection of your favourite superhero or artist, too. Yes! You heard it right folks, whether you love kitsch or pop culture, Jay Z or Jon Snow, we at Uptown 18 have you sorted. Not only that, we provide you an opportunity to move with your favourite Bollywood star as well by bringing you phone covers of your favourite artist, like we have Big B, Amitabh Bachchan with us.

If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, then we have a whole list of things that make us distinct from other stores. We provide you with premium quality designer phone cases, with our designers from across the globe. We are the trendiest curators of phone covers to make you ahead of trend always. Our phone covers are quite handy which are easy to take off and put on, with the flexible hard plastic, making it impact resistant too. It’ll keep your iPhone safe from wear and tear, while making it the most stylish phone in town.

Okay, enough for the day! Now, you guys show us some love by picking the best of products from our latest collection and yes, we would love to hear your feedback too. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll away our website for a while! Happy Shopping!!

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